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Over The Edge

Professor "Louie" & The Crowmatix -
"Over The Edge"

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Year: 2000
Breeze Hill/Woodstock Records
Produced by
Aaron L. Hurwitz & The Crowmatix
Aaron "Professor Louie" Hurwitz - Lead Vocal - Bkg. Vocal - Keyboards - Piano - Accordion - Producer
Marie Spinosa - Lead Vocal - Bkg. Vocal - Percussion - Whistling
Jim Eppard - Guitars - Bkg. Vocal
Michael Dunn - Bass - Bkg. Vocal
Mike Demicco - Guitars - Mandolin
Gary Burke - Drums

Rick Danko - Co-production - Guitar
Garth Hudson - Keyboards - Organ - Co-producer
Tom Malone - Trombone - Horn Arrangements
Lenny Pickett - Sax
Jim Hynes - Trumpet
Ronnie Cuber - Sax
Scott Petito - Bass
Randy Ciarlante - Percussion - Bkg. Vocal
Barry Sless - Guitar
Mookie Siegel - Piano
Dave Cook - Jaw Harp
Larry Packer - Violin - String Arrangements
Rob Turner - Cello - String Arrangements
Ryan Hall - Viola
Ralphine Childs- Bkg. Vocals
Trish Bryant - Bkg. Vocals
TRACKS:Click to listen to samples !

01 | Restless Islands
02 | Over the Edge
03 | The Great Beyond
04 | Tear of the Clouds
05 | A Few Hours
06 | Someone
07 | No Division - Interlude
08 | (No Division) Heart & Soul
09 | Runnin' Out
10 | Endless Highway
11 | Scarlet Begonias

Professor "Louie" & The Crowmatix - "Over The Edge" -
2000 - Breeze Hill/Woodstock Records



Professor "Louie" & The Crowmatix - "Over The Edge" Breeze Hill/Woodstock Records 2001
Aaron "Louie" Hurwitz fronts the Crowmatix, which offers blues in The Band vein. Indeed the good professor has worked with various members of the group in recent years, and several - the late Rick Danko and Garth Hudson - make guest appearances on this project. There is also a cover of the Robbie Robertson penned "Endless Highway". Favorite tracks include "over The Edge" and the band's interpretation of The Grateful Dead's "Scarlet Begonias" with its accordion. The tracks trade off lead vocalists between Hurwitz and Miss Marie Spinosa to nice effect. There is, in fact a nice vibe to the whole cd. Worth checking out!

- RHYTHM AND NEWS - Poughkeepsie,NY
"Over The Edge" is a very hip album - a very supple piece with a lot of great production value. Larry Packer and Rob Turner arranged very pleasant strings on "No Division-Interlude" and "No Division Heart and Soul." Vocally the song soars with some very well blended harmonies by "Miss Marie" and Prof. "Louie". "Scarlet Begonias" a classic Garcia cover, is magnificent. The horn section is chunky and has that Dirty Dozen Brass Band sound to it. The break this one down nicely and it gives the players ample time to groove. Professor "Louie" has a rich voce that works nicely with the melody Garcia and Hunter created. This version of "Begonias" is exactly as nature had intended it to be, and it flows for a sweet 11 minutes. Again check out the horns Tom "Bones" Malone has arranged with help from SNL's Lenny Pickett, as well as Jim Hynes and Ronnie Cuber. You can also find them on the cover of Ashford and Simpson's "Running Out". I hope this effort gets Professor "Louie" & The Crowmatix some well deserved attention. - Dylan Shephard

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