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Waydown Wailers - CD review


Midwest Record, Lake Zurich, IL

WAYDOWN WAILERS - State of the Union CD

Producer Professor Louie knows The Band isnít going to get back together and rather than go gently into that good night recycling his past, heís found the next generation of Sturgis rock lurking in the Hudson Valley - the Waydown Wailers.
180 degrees away from what Pete Seeger would be doing, Louie has found that place where .38 Special meets Tedeschi/Trucks with a membrane of classic outlaw hiding out in the layers. Geriatric jam band fans might not get
it but there ainít no dust on Louie as he looks to the future, a future Sturgis promoters will welcome him into. Hot stuff! - Chris Spector

I think that's nice. Very nice.

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